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Scam alert - and then?

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Scam alert … well, some people have criminal minds and set up fraudulent operations. That´s one thing. Some of us are duped. That also happens. But how do the scammer reach the potential victim? Can those involved in spreading the “sales-message” also be seen as part of the scam? Maybe not legally but probably morally. Or what do you say?

Eventually it rises the question on what online sources can be trusted and which ones not – in this, my most recent blog on the scam called PowerBTC, I also list the good & the bad multipliers.

Background story here: Warning: PowerBTC is scam. My story is short, simple and about greed.

Setting up a scam goes something like this: Set up an operation with a quite unique offer with a really good looking deal. The set up, like the homepage and marketing material need to look and sound professional. Then buy PR for the operation. Internet PR services are happy to spread the “sales-message”. When people come to the site, have people pay money to the operation. For some time, the operation might even deliver. This makes it look real, even more people come, more PR can be bought. Keep the whole thing growing until the flow of money IN is so big that ONE day´s worth of scammed profit is well enough to satisfy the fraudster. Close down and disappear.

The PR part is where it gets interesting morally. News agencies and news aggregator and their journalists and editors, who spread this original PR “sales message”, to what extent are they responsible for the content they spread? With a disclaimer they might be "legally not responsible".

But soon the news from us people being scammed reaches the editors … do they go on spreading the original “sales-message” ? Do they spread any updated versions of “sales-message/s”, in case these exist? And what do an editor, a news aggregator do when s/he gets clear feedback – “it´s a scam”. Does s/he start warning people? Does s/he take down the salesy PR message/s. Or does s/he let these stay on the net (maybe because the fraudsters paid for, let´s say, three months?).

After I got scammed, on Saturday the 17th of Sep 2016 I contacted the following online sites that has or had had the “sales-message” of PowerBTC. Some I emailed, some have online forms. Some are hard to reach, some openly state that they don´t want to have anything reported by “normal people” (amongst those is a swiss – german site).

Link to PDF PR-warned-of-scam

Here is the list of the “good guys”, sites reporting on bitcoin and / or online investments, where I could not find anything on the scam operation PowerBTC (or with an older entry found through google, but taken away on their actual page). I´ll set up a news feed with these, to make sure I have “clean” sources in the future.


With these two I´m not sure, please check yourself


Take care // Ola

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PS: Once I realised that I was duped, I somehow managed to provoke the people behind the operation PowerBTC enough for them to respond. From two of their emails, dated Saturday the 17th of Sep 2016:

Quote: "Dude open your fucking eyes ... we are already reported everywhere ... If you want to make money work with us get us victims and we give you 50 % share ... and please pass the part when your saying to return back you funds .... consider that money an opportunity to meet us ." An hour later: dude you talk to much i am lazy to read :))) go on do everything you wish .... you are dumb as fuck ... stay on the line .. there are thousands that want to report aswell :) we will shut down website soon so gl :)


Warning: PowerBTC is scam

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And a new film “Greed” plays a personal part in this story

A scam operation misusing bitcoins is promoted world wide through major news sites and PR agencies (including Yahoo Finances, and financial sites like
Please google PowerBTC and you´ll find world wide nice, positive formulated PR on this operation, that promises a 10% win within 48 hours, if one is willing to sell some bitcoins through their system.

Warning: PowerBTC is scam. Maybe you´d like to warn the world wide community of PowerBTC as scam? Please pass this story on.

My story is short, simple and about greed.

My first transaction with paid 16% within 20 hours. That was last Monday. On Tuesday my thinking went back and forth for hours: ”is this just great or is it a warning? Any “free lunch” normally comes with some kind of indirect bill … but still, maybe the promised 10% or more will work a second time.“

Tuesday evening I vent for a second try, rising the bet. It was too good to be true.

On Friday, after about 60 hours (payment is promised within 48 hours), the email customer service of PowerBTC said that my Paypal account refuses to accept its payment. On the phone with Paypal´s customer service Germany this was denied. My account is not flagged. The emails for clarification went back and forth between Berlin and New York, where PowerBTC claims to be based. The emails stated that their financial department was trying to pay and that they had tried from four different Paypal accounts.

Somewhere in there was also a suggestion that I could rise my transaction to all together 2 BTC (~$ 1200.-). Then a bank transfer should be possible, and PowerBTC would cover for all charges.

Hmm, sounds familiar doesn't it? Blame the problem on a third party, appear willing to solve the issue, keep the communication up until a certain personal friendliness and rapport slides into the email communication. Then suggest a possible solution through a bigger investment. Make that suggestion sound like a personal favour.
I suppose that is a most classical fraud scheme, isn't it?

After three calls with Paypal I had enough hints to probe a bit deeper with PowerBTC. I even opened a second Paypal account. Suddenly the email communication with PowerBTC died on Friday afternoon.

It´s now Saturday. I called the PowerBTC telephone service this morning. “Yes, we do have some problems with the payouts.” The guy promised some kind of solution in the near future. “Sir, let me call you back once it´s fixed.” But he didn't ask for my name, transaction number or telephone number.
I think that´s called “buying time”.

I decided to define “near future” and made them a promise: “Pay me my money back within three hours and I´ll just forget about PowerBTC. If you don´t, I´ll use the coming 48 hours to rise hell in any forum, blog and news service. You will be out of operation by Monday morning.”

That is my promise to PowerBTC. They have have it in writing and verbally.


Update Saturday afternoon. Someone from PowerBTC answered on my email (in which I informed them about this whole text):

Quote: "Dude open your fucking eyes ... we are already reported everywhere ... If you want to make money work with us get us victims and we give you 50 % share ... and please pass the part when your saying to return back you funds .... consider that money an opportunity to meet us ."

Next to the email address info at I have two more email addresses through the first paypal payment, and the paypal account PowerBTC said would pay me the second time. I've reached out to these two people via email and Facebook, trying to find out if their paypal accounts are hacked and misused by PowerBTC. Or if these two people are involved in the scam.

Maybe someone in the States like to file an official complaint? I´d be most happy to give my testimony.

That is also why I reach out to you. You can help stop PowerBTC. I don't know how many thousand dollars and euros are being pumped into the PowerBTC system by other greedy guys like me. But I´ll do my work to minimize it. Maybe you like to help out.

#Bitcoin 10 percent win overnight through PowerBTC is #scam. #PowerBTCscamIsSoonDown. Read details here (link to this very page).

Coincidence ?
“Greed” is a 85 minute film to be released on the 18th of September.
“It’s a deadly sin and a whim of nature. It motivates us and threatens to ruin us... The insatiable desire for more: It’s the motor that drives our world – and puts it in danger.”

The film will be released in English, German, Arabic and Spanish. I happened to be at the screening in Berlin a few days ago. It´s to be broadcasted in Germany several times in the coming weeks and in English on Monday the 19th, see this link for details

I´m Ola, a Swedish born Berlin based DJ and entertainer since many years. Thrilled by any issue on evolution and as someone who in young years worked for a interest free Swedish bank operation (the Members Bank JAK), the issue of a “possible update of the money system through cryptocurrencies” caught my interested in May this year. I bought my first bitcoins end of June. After probably 300 hours of reading, researching , thinking and trying to understand what to actually do with these bitcoins … well, finally end of August I started investing.

My day trading skills aren't good enough to do something on my own, so I kept my eyes open for.., well, Online solutions. Soon the “100% in 200 days” was just too slow, I wanted more and quicker. I found the HYIPs online and realised that that is basicly gambling on time and stupidity. PowerBTC slipped my internal screening and warning systems.
It looks like the 0.6 BTC are gone.

If reading this saved you from any stupid “investment”, feel free to tip me at: 3CbHsDEte7T5zBcp55kdyzKCAF23BxTnm6

Take care  

My story goes on: Scam alert - and then? Legal and moral responsibilities

Business; smart, ethical, heartful

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So what can you count on? Let me quote one great teacher of mine, Phil Laut, author of “Money is my Friend”, who taught me this in the early 90s:

“In any area of life where you have a heightened interest, you will invest time. Within a year, or two or three you will have reached a certain expertise in that area. Maybe not university level expertise, but you will know more than the average person does. Now, if one of these areas is “business in general and entrepreneurship” you could put up some kind of business in all those areas of special interest. It allows you to have income of these various interests. It allows you to tax deduct any expenses you have, related to those topics, because these expenses are then part of your general business activities.”

I like to add that a variety of businesses can be synergetic. And since the basics of any business, i.e. administration, marketing and sales are in principle more or less the same whatever the service or product is, having learned these basics in one business, the knowledge and skills can easily be adopted and used in another. My businesses all circle around Joy and that synergeticly does spill over!

Translated to my life today: I have a few main businesses and actually several smaller side businesses. Some of them are fairly automated, some highly work-hours intense. The main focus of my activities also vary from time to time. They are though all driven and inspired by some aspect of Well-Being, Evolution and Joy.

If you yourself are a business professional, or an aspiring business pro and feel attracted to this, let´s see if something mutual comes up.

/ Ola

You & me in the world

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Now, areas of focus of change will vary from time to time. Sometimes we need to care, heal and grow ourselves as individuals – physiological-bodiliy, psycho-spiritual and mental-mind-brain-wise. Sometimes we need to focus on active participation in society, also with some readiness for altruistic selflessness. Sometimes we need to be more socially soft skill oriented, looking at and learning about i.e. culture. Especially other cultures than our own, to understand what other people value. Then sometimes we need to focus on the material side of life, straight business and work, improving organisations, optimizing processes, getting scientific about stuff.

Getting stuck in any of these four main arenas of life too long … in the extreme they all have their own version of burn-out. I call it burn-in when one is overly focused on and lost in psycho-spiritual stuff. Burn-down I use for overly focused on and lost in materialistic self-care and overly trying to look and appear “better” (the cocooning semi successful westerner). Burn-away happens to those too much multi-culturally softskilly ...

The following might inspire you to overlook some of your own life´s activities.

  • What are the major problems to individual humans, to our organisations and socities, to humanity and to the world at large?
  • What causes these problems?
  • Are you part of these problems (in some way / or some of them) through your everyday & every month & every year life?
  • What can you change and do to be part of solutions?
  • With what and how are you specially skilled, maybe even uniquely skilled as a solution provider? - Are you great at i.e. creating, criticizing, entertaining, inspiring, monetizing, optimizing, organizing, realizing, relaxation, reporting, scrutinizing, socialising, teaching …? All of these and many more are human abilities that somehow are needed in society and thus somehow make sense – go find yours!
  • What brings you Joy while you do it? Make that better and better. More and more as service to something bigger than what you did yesterday. Remind yourself in the morning, set a “Joy-goal” for today. That is then your part of co creating a possible World of Greatness tomorrow.
  • Rinse and repeat.
  • And – enjoy your day :))

/ Ola

Co Creating the world

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Co Creating the world – that's what we do, to my understanding. We, that is the whole and complete humanity, we all together are creating the future. No one on this planet is not part taking. Each and every one of us, with our every day “doings and makings” is what creates the world of tomorrow. Some people claim that it is not so and understand their own life´s work to “only” have a very limited impact (to the rest of the planet). Some of us may be more and others less influential with what we do. Some are more focused and goal oriented. Some are letting things happen as they come along ...

Nevertheless, the world wide sum of today is the foundation for tomorrow

Some people are vaguely aware of influence, some sense and know that they are influential. What matters, to my understanding is 1) the sum and synergy of all of us and 2) the amount of consciousness we bring in. The impact of “the consciousness factor” increases. The Age of industry gave way to the age of information that now gives way to an age of consciousness, to put it very short.

That´s were “Music & Voices with Message, Music & Voices for Greatness” operates – we are voices and music to spread consciousness and to bridge from basic (survival and social) needs towards higher being needs. I call this “The Powerful Joy of Now”. “Now” because consciousness only happens Now. It might be conscious about something in the past. The actual consciousness or awareness itself happens in the moment it does happens – which is always the Now (of that specific moment).Secondly, Now is where change happens. Out of the newly awakened consciousness, one might decide to change something. But the change itself also happens in a specific Now-moment.

To implement the change, one will most likely over and over apply the change, the update of behaviour. In simple words – training. With training, and only with training can you become a master (in German: Übung macht den Meister). That's where “Joy” enters: Joy helps our physical brains to to build necessary new connections. Yes, in our brains new circuits are physically hard-wired while we practise and Joy is one of the components that makes that faster and easier. Joy also quickens the process to reach stability, which is the same as becoming good at the new thing, the new skill, an updated behaviour. Keyword “myelin”, good read is the book “Talent Code” by Daniel Coyle. So “The Powerful Joy of Now” is both the title and the actual program.

The mission statement of mine “More joyous service & aware participation to change for a World in Greatness” is both a reminder to myself and the core of my service to you and in the world. I seriously think all of us need to get more and more aware of what we actually do now, today. That is a way to change tomorrow for something “better”. We need to find the smartest ways to apply change. Smartest as in smart to 7,4 Billions people and the whole globe we all reside on and live off.

Music can be one such way. It moves bodies through rhythm, melody and voice touches feelings and words inspire minds.