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Integral Dance of Life is also the name of an active and participative learning and reflective process. This process offers the richness of 50.000 years of human life in a 2,5 h long danced and enacted experiential journey, through stages of human evolution, guided by a soundtrack and some words.

Evolution is about change to adopt to change. Thus evolution tends to fuel itself; the new change is followed by a furher demand to adopt, which in itself brings yet another change and so on. It also kind of speeds up. For a very long time, this adoption was about hardware, about our bodies and how they changed from apes to humans. But then, evolution turned to software, to how we use our brains, how we think, how we interpret that which our senses perceive. In other words, human evolution became an issue of consciousness.

Like with the software on your computer, new updates and other software bring new aspects, new options, new possibilities. But “the new” also brings more complexity and this in itself can be over whelming. With each further step of evolution, the world becomes "bigger", more complex. Some people find they love it, they change & adopt, they grow and become “bigger” people (as in being able to see, understand and live with the new bigger, more complex Life at Large).

But to many, the over whelm is stronger and the response is contraction, holding on to the well known old - which was good and very well enough yesterday. But in the light of "the new" and over time, the evolutionary force keep working and you might find yourself pushed into a corner. If you feel life, or areas of your life as tight or tightening, that might be an indication of such evolution related over whelm and contraction in face of the rapid changes of life.



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