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Are you at the leading edge of your own development?

- If not, why not?

I see you

I see or sense well where people are at with their momentary predominant challanges. This can be a "big" or "small" issue, but it is what right now needs to be looked at, healed, resolved and intergrated. And then maybe put aside or it turns out to be the "The Best of You" that finally can shine! You might know this as shadow (dark or golden) and integrally inspired we look for your major momentary challenge in life, so that you can step up to your "next level".

I call this a Pivot Point. It is the point around which you could easily turn - if you want to. The Pivot Point is your momentary growth challange. The core quality of my work is that I perceive the pivot point in people. Sometimes it is just small stuff, but crusial. Like a key. It´s small but can be very important to the get the door opened. And behind the door ... welcome!

Some work together will then follow. The basic tools are Awareness combined with Joy. Joy has a strong catalytic effect, see Joy - the catalyst below. The methods are plenty fold and constantly adopted to your need in the present moment  I´m not selling method, I´m offering solution.

This individualized service thus has the quality of spiritual guidance.


Facilitator // spiritual guidance, integral evolution.

  • Call it Coaching when working together on your specific topic/s. link to Coaching
  • Call it Consulting when working on organisational development. link to Consultancy
  • Call it Infotainment when the dj and entertainer (or better "WisJay" from wisdom jockey) brings it all together - pure inspiration and delight. link to Infotainment_WisJay

Will follow late - Call it Teaching when presenting and informing on these subjects, introducing new stuff that works. link to Teaching and Training
Call it Training when taking a person or team by the hand and updating your (team) culture. link to Teaching and Training - Will follow late,


Tailored services

As a DJ I experience true "win-win" with customers who look for a well tailored music mix – well tailored to that specific customer. Earlier, with software, I also loved the individualized, customer adopted programming the most. So, it doesn´t come as a surprise that the individualized services of my new business might not be IT for everyone.

But maybe this is you?

You are a brilliant, skilled person, most likely with quite some success in life ... but inside, you have lost the spark, your joy, the deeper sense of real meaning. You don´t trust the "personal growth improvement circus". You might even feel desperate from time to time. What you are facing has the quality of a spiritual "meaning of life crises", you know that. Somehow you sense that you need to look differently, to question some old basic assumptions on life and yourself in life. But how to and what?That´s where my guidance comes into play. And what you need is to get essential, to get back to your core life values and then, re-connected, you need to move on to your next level in life. (Else, you´ll bore yourself to death sooner or later.)

If this doesn´t tell you anything – then most likely you are not my customer at the moment – but you might know someone who is?

Why “Nourish” ?

To stay alive you just need survival nourishment. To grow you need more than that. The higher the quality of the nourishment the easier and further reaching the growth. Apply this to your body, apply it to your mental mind, apply it to your soul. Give nourishment to your heart and you have love, nourish your mind and you have wisdom, nourish your body for health and vitality. Nourish the soul for purpose, deeper meaning and bigger belonging. Align these and be at the cutting edge of your own evolution, live greatness

Joy - the catalyst

We all love Joy.

Some have realised the catalyst quality of Joy. One of them is Ayman Sawaf. Together with Rowan Gabrielle they wrote the book "Sacred Commerce" and as I read it, it was Bull´s Eye: this is such an excellent way to describe my function - to catalyst with Joy. The crucial question is thus: what brings that essential Joy to your particular situation - when you most likely are far away from anything remotely close to Joy?

Add a Droplet of Joy to fear and it transforms into Concern.
Add another Droplet of Joy to Concern and it transforms to Compassion.

Add a Droplet of Joy to anger and it transforms into Courage.
Add another Droplet of Joy to Courage and it transforms to Passion.

Add a Droplet of Joy to jealousy and it transforms into Discipline.
Add another Droplet of Joy to Discipline and it transforms to Grace.

Pivot Point Method - time to turn

The way we percieve the world sets limits to the world.

- So, what is not obvious? Where are you blind?

The Pivot Point VIP Day

Are you passionate about your purpose? And have you had enough of struggle?


Although you already did so much personal growth stuff, it still seams that some essential thing is missing, something that is very hard to grasp? Like all that work was fruitless, leaving a feeling of almost despair. The pivot point is what I call Essential. The essential you. So, are you longing and maybe ready for a major shift? Maybe you are a ripe fruit? Let me shake you a little!

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