Infotainment- the magic of a WisJay

Chunks of wisdom at my fingers, ready to be mixed and "played out" ..

- .. until your body mind & soul dances.

What is a WisJay ?

"WisJay" from wisdom and (disc) jockey. Someone needed to create a new name for a very old and maybe new function within humanity, so I did.

So, it´s infotainment when the dj and entertainer brings it ALL that you might have read above together - pure inspiration and delight.

At the moment you can get an idea here:

The information from that link will be integrated and extended here during 2015.

Basically this is my personal challange, my future.

a more poetic approach ...

Creativity has many many forms.

- Look at nature.

Maps can be detailed and thus complex. Here is a simple "map" of my work:

Soul is hungry for meaning,
the mental for wisdom,
the body for right food and right move.

Give the body right food and right move,
give the mental and mind wisdom,
give the soul purpose,

- allign and be at the cutting edge of your own evolution, live greatness.

Upcoming goodies from Ola on:

Creativity: find out similar mind flipping insights on inspiration, creativity and output. And why you need to meditate.

Gamification of enlightenment