Coaching – individual process work

Don´t pay for story. Pay for result.

- poj

Speed coaching - 10 to 20 laser sharp minutes

Often any individual and more personal consultancy is set to a time frame of 60 to 90 minutes. That leaves space for a lot of story. Sometimes that is what you need, the time to tell and someone who listens.

But, often you want IT to be to the POINT, don´t you?

The format Speed coaching is a telephone call. Mostly 10 minutes (and a maximum of 20 min) are enough to find the core issue of this moment - and an essential guidance.

Speed coaching is both a great way to get to know me - and of course to have me at hand after any other process together. I offer speed coaching in packages of 5 and 10 calls, to be "used up" within 6 / 12 months. Skype, Google+ hangout or telephone - you´ll want it quick, within minutes or maximum hours. (International calls at your costs).

Learning and Delearning is crusial.

- poj.

Walk and Talk coaching - a relaxed half or full day

Result driven -  sometimes the pure drive to have to get results can be so contra productive. I´ll then take you for a walk and later we might cook together. Just talk, let the mind wander and deepen and reach more original creativity. You´ll love it.

Tough shit coaching - sledgehammer on a hard wall

You´re stuck.

Ice can be melted by compassion, tricky minds delicately taken apart, but to take down walls, a sledgehammer is needed. This is not for sissys. You really want to know and break through? Then book Tough shit coaching.

Soul Coaching

Closely related and though so different: in times when Beatles would call for Mother Mary (if you know the song?), Soul coaching in times of crisis might be it. SoulPain