It´s enough to say "der Schwede" (the swede) to some people and the dance floor instantly rocks wildly. Why not join this group of happy people and party more?

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Native Speaker

Ola´s voice is used, mostly in swedish and "german-swedish", for product & company presentations, e-Learning, commercials, language courses & dubbing/synching of movies.

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Voice with Impact

Voice training - daily less than 5 minutes, for power, warmth, aliveness and clarity. You´ll feel and have 10-30% more impact with your voice after some time.

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Soul Adventures - move to liberate

Move, enjoy & liberate; Hej Seele ! (adventures, groups & holiday trips for Soul & Spirit), Integral Dance of Life (brings movement to your life) & Joy of Now (vivid alive Juicy Spirituality)

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CV Vita, who is Ola?

Who is P. Ola Jannhov? The services offered here are also closely related to his personal development process. You might want to check him out.

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What you can count on ...

As of now, 2018:


So what can you count on? My main business with music & voice is dj:ing, speaking and training/coaching people. A core quality in my work is Joy and whatever I do, it kind of circles around Joy! I´m driven and inspired by excellency and various aspects of well-being and evolution. When I produce Edutainment, it´s typically on the subjects of creativity, evolution, health, money …

Free Services and Infomaterial

Co creation

  • I´m open to co-operations, joint ventures and cross ventures … give me a ring. Here are some thoughts upon smart, ethical & heartful business. Please follow this LINK Business; smart, ethical, heartful *E*


Music & Voices with Message, Music & Voices for Greatness

More joyous service & aware participation to change for a World in Greatness.

I've found “Joy” to be the unifying quality in everything I do and always have done. That´s what I´m good at. The cool thing is – to work with Joy to give Joy and support your Joy is in itself joyous ! So most likely I will always go on doing so. Joy is a catalyst for humans. Joy functions like a bridge from basic drives towards higher ones and it helps our more basic matters to evolve. Bring in original Joy and a transition towards love, laughter, peace, contribution (… and so on) most likely happens.

Add `Drops of Joy` to Anger, Jealousy or Fear and they transform.

Learn this ASAP!

Read here about Joy as a catalyst Nourish Mind & Soul Intro


For WHOM and with WHOM I love to work?

I suppose you dream of a better world and I imagine that you are passionate about creating and co creating the world, that you are aware that the future lays in our hands and you have or strive for impact, for your version of positive influence and your contribution to the evolution of humanity. I hope you are humble enough to realize that no one really knows what “a better world” actually is :-). Further on, I suppose you have already had some kind of success in life and you now go for “Your Next Level”, knowing that “being” is the most fundamental aspect of your influence.

I love to work with humorous, appreciative, international, communicative, self responsible, intelligent, honest, bright, curious and flexible open minded people with an interested in personal growth and evolutionary, spiritual matters – and a great party from time to time!
(Relax, I don´t expect you to be perfect - just describing my typical monday morning customer :-))

Business and Money: I look for professional aptitude and attitude in my customers and partners. Four to five figures day rates and six to eight figures business should be fine with you.

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